Are you stressed and burned out even though you are doing work you should love?

Are Negative habits limiting your success?

Do you know in your heart that more is possible?

You are in the right place and I can be your Guide through the journey.

I help stressed out professionals remember their purpose, increase their impact, and find joy again.

If you want things to BE different, you have to do things that ARE different.


If this calls you, let’s do a complimentary consultation to explore the powerful tools that I offer and create a personalized plan for healing, empowerment, and mastery.

The better world we want to live in is going to be built by all of us and I look forward to working with you. 

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A life of impact, Purpose, service, and joy is possible for everyone - and it begins with Life Activation and Empower THyself Initiation.

Life Activation

Do you want to make better choices and stay focused on what matters? The two parts of the Life Activation help you access an internal map for who you really are and give you a GPS system for reading it. They opens you to begin to understand your higher purpose, how to heal the stress and anxiety that are stopping your progress, and how to lead from within based on your intuition.


Empower Thyself Initiation in the Modern Mystery School provides powerful daily practices and deep spiritual teachings that open a door to your purpose far beyond where mainstream education or seminars can take you. Initiation means “to begin” and this class will begin the process of launching you from your status quo into an exponentially higher octave of learning, personal growth, and self-mastery.


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