Astral Travel

Are you looking for deep knowledge of the self and the ability to create miracles in your life?

Astral travel explores the outer reaches of human consciousness. In this class, you will learn a technique to safely travel across the seven spiritual dimensions and the known universe to:

  • Understand yourself and the nature of your existence

  • Connect to guidance and potential

  • Shift the realm of what is "possible" in your life

As with all core lineage classes taught by Modern Mystery School Guides, Astral Travel is taught at subtle, energetic and non-verbal levels that go far beyond what your conscious mind perceives and what you can find in books and on the internet. 

Astral travel is a very deep personal practice - if you take the tools from this class and practice them regularly, you will see miracles in your life and shifts in what you even thought was possible before. 

Investment: $125
Prerequisites: Life Activation. Empower Thyself Initiation and Sacred Geometry 1 are highly recommended.


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