Ever felt a former partner pulling on your "heart strings” or as though someone is “emotionally blackmailing" you?

We often form emotional attachments with people subconsciously - including lovers, family, friends, and colleagues. True connection is based on mutually sharing energy within healthy boundaries. Emotional attachments are different and they form energetic cords where we subconsciously influence and pull on each other. This tends to create drama, confusion and doubt. 

An emotional cord cutting removes these attachments and allows you to clearly understand how you truly feel in any situation - free from the pull of other people. This does not remove anyone from your life directly. Instead, it helps you to move away from toxic relationships and situations and create healthier patterns based on your own choices.

Investment: $85 as a stand-alone session, $50 as an add-on to another session
Session Length: 45 minutes
Prerequisites: Life Activation or in conjunction with a Life Activation - without this empowerment people are likely to recreate the same issues.