Sacred Geometry

There is more than meets the eye in the patterns that we observe in architecture, biology, art, physics, food, and mathematics. Universal truth weaves behind these patterns, connecting us to the realm of spirit and the blueprints of purpose and meaning in our lives.  

This class awakens the sacred geometries inside your to improve your daily life and light up your living and working spaces. We activate three fundamental sacred geometries within you so that you can align your life with your purpose. You will learn to weave the geometries into a room to easily create a protected and sacred temple space anywhere you desire. 

As with all lineage classes taught in affiliation with the Modern Mystery School, the sacred geometries are taught at subtle, energetic and non-verbal levels that go far beyond what your conscious mind perceives and what you can find in books and on the internet. You will receive the energetic keys to unlock doors of new dimensions of learning within yourself.

I use these tools daily in my home, healing practice, and corporate consulting business. They get amazing and immediate results - including improved communication, cooperation, and emotional intelligence in the most improbable of circumstances.

This is the first in a series of Sacred Geometry classes including work with crystal healing and gridding, aura clearing, advanced healing modalities, and much more! 

Investment: $100
Prerequisites: None. A Life Activation is highly recommended in advance.

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