Sanctuary Meditation

Do you want to take your meditation to the next level?

Are you looking for a deeper sense of knowing and trust in yourself? 

Your sanctuary is the best place to know your own truth and to get the clarity you need to be successful and live a joyful life.

This workshop gives you access to your own inner sanctuary and a deeper connection to guidance from your higher self. Your higher self is the great, wise, and loving part of you that is who you truly are - beyond the masks of your personality, experiences, and ego. 

As part of the lineage teachings of the Modern Mystery School, you'll get the keys to enter your sanctuary anytime you desire and build a relationship with your higher self that will: 

  • Support deep relaxation

  • Provide clarity, guidance, and deep intuition

  • Inspire bigger visions for your life

  • Reduce negative self talk and sabotage

Sanctuary Meditation is great for newcomers and also provides an opportunity to take your practice deeper if you already have experience with the technique.

Investment: $25 or free if this is your first visit to Modern Mystery School Boston!
Prerequisites: None