Life Activation

Do you want to break through stress and burnout into greater impact?

The Life Activation session shifts areas of your life where you are blocked. It connects you to your own answers for why you are really here, what is stopping you, and how you can improve.

What is the Life Activation?

Life Activation is a powerful energy healing that happens across two private sessions. It can help you:

  • Understand your purpose aka your “why”

  • Make progress on projects that matter

  • Feel passionate about life again

  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence and intuition

  • Eliminate distraction

  • Build unshakable confidence

  • Find clarity and healing for anxiety, depression, and sleep issues

  • Overcome negative habits and trauma

Life Activation Part 1 - Access your roadmap: $250

Life Activation Part 2 - Turn on your spiritual GPS: $250

Activation Package

The Life Activation connects you to your own roadmap and GPS system for life so that you can make better choices based on self-knowledge. Life Activation will permanently shift the opportunities in your life for good and it is the foundational step upon which all other personal growth and empowerment can flourish.

Activation Package: $450 (Life Activation Part 1 & 2, Emotional Cord Cutting, 4 passes to Ensofic Reiki Group Healing)

Initiation Package

The Empower Thyself Initation is the next step after the Life Activation. Empower Thyself is a two day class that goes beyond your mind, and gives you the keys to open the gateways of learning your soul. It is for people who want to exponentially accelerate their learning, make the most of their lives, and step into a bigger and better version of themselves.

Empower Thyself Initiation: $1000

Initiation Package: $1300 (Activation Package + Empower Thyself Initiation)


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