Life Activation

Are you looking for greater impact but you need some new inspiration, drive, and ability to dissolve obstacles? 

The Life Activation session shifts areas of your life where you are blocked. It connects you to your own answers for why you are really here, what is stopping you, and how you can improve.

What is the Life Activation?

Life Activation is a powerful energy healing session that helps you understand your why and make progress on projects that matter. It helps you feel passionate about life again, strengthens your emotional intelligence and intuition, and eliminates distractions.

The Life Activation is the first session that I do with new clients. It connects you to your own roadmap and compass for life so that you can make better choices based on self-knowledge. Life Activation will permanently shift the opportunities in your life for good and it is the foundational step upon which all other personal growth and empowerment can flourish.

Investment: $250
Session Length: 120 minutes
Life Activation is a prerequisite for Empower Thyself.