Ariana Bain

I'm Ariana Bain, a spiritual guide and social entrepreneur. I am here to help you know yourself, your mission, and how to grow beyond your blocks to getting it done. I am a Certified Guide, Professional Healer, and Teacher in the Lineage of King Salomon - trained by the Modern Mystery School - offering the most effective tools in the world for personal and global transformation. My mission is to create a peaceful and thriving world where everyone treats themselves and others with reverence and compassion. I co-lead Modern Mystery School Boston in Newton, MA along with my brother, Jordan Bain.

I hold a Masters of Environmental Science in Industrial Ecology from Yale University and a Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University. I serve on the steering committee of the Connecticut Collaborative of the Living Building Challenge and as a Senior Fellow in the Environmental Leadership Program. You can check out my sustainability work at Metabolic Consulting, the company that I created to transform corporations, food systems, and cities.

After fifteen years of working professionally in the environment and sustainability fields and seeking some of the best training in the world, I've seen that we already have all of the technology and knowledge to solve all of the world's problems, but we lack the will and the heart to put this into action. Many systems of spiritual and personal development attempt to address this issue, but the path in the Modern Mystery School is the only system that I have found that helps each person that follows it create an amazing and successful life for themselves that is focused on serving others. From my own experience, travel, and education, I know without a doubt that the self-healing and spiritual progress that comes through this lineage is the missing key to the environmental and social change that everyone I work with seeks.

So, how did I come to be a spiritual guide?

For as long as I can remember growing up, I wanted to change the world. I could see all of the pain and suffering around me - in humans, animals, and nature - and I wanted to make it better. 

Yet, my diverse passions didn't fit into any conventional paths. I spent most of my life trying to patch together a path by trying on all of the available boxes, trainings, and experiences that seemed like they had a piece of the puzzle - but even after many years of effort I kept feeling like I was missing something BIG.

If you’re here, maybe you’ve been searching for a while too, and are realizing that your heart and soul have a role to play in having greater impact…

What does your heart know is possible?

I sought the best development for my rational mind. I got a Masters of Science from Yale. I studied Yoga in India and poured myself into Zen Buddhism, Shaolin, and New Age healing modalities. I traveled and volunteered at retreat centers and organic farms. I started a research institute in Bangladesh to develop sustainable industries. I read books on metaphysics. I visited Gurus and practiced mantras. I pushed past fears and limitations through rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, solo wilderness trips, and endurance racing. I founded, and still run, a consulting company that helps leading businesses have a net-positive impact. The world kept telling me that I could create the change I wanted through just through meditation, business, and social entrepreneurship but the further I went, the more I realized that this paradigm was incomplete. I thought I had set my own rules, but I was still stuck in an invisible box that limited my potential.

I needed a breakthrough.

Years of yoga, meditation, spiritual study, and academia had trained my mind and body, but the only roadmaps for my higher purpose were in my heart - and I had to clear my own path to make them real.

I needed to bring my soul into the picture - and to do this I needed some really powerful tools that could take me beyond conventional training.

Through my journey with the Modern Mystery School I have created inspirational change, joy, and healthy relationships. The better world we want to live in is going to be built by all of us and I look forward to working with you.