Life Activation and Modern Mystery School Initiation Testimonials and Reviews

It was so great to meet and work with you [for the Life Activation]. I am feeling amazing! I’m sleeping so well, waking up rested and actually staying awake during the day. My mood has been so chilled out and I feel a weight lifted off of me. I am so happy! Thank you. Misty - Nurse

Life can be a mystery, unpredictable, and abstract. As a quick learner, I have become a jack of all trades. My life's mission has been tough to narrow down. Ariana has provided language and tools to name the nameless, and ground in my true calling. In our work together, I have seen in her a liberating model of being that liberated me to serve in the same way for others in my own way/flavor. Actualizing my life's purpose no longer seems daunting or a haunting desire, nor just a dream or a wish, but it is now a palpable possibility. I am glad our paths crossed because life's secret has been activated and I am enjoying every minute of it. Victor - Entrepreneur, Artist, Strategist, and Innovator

Ariana is a very clear, supportive, and caring spiritual guide. When we first talked, I connected with her intellectually, as she's super smart, and she made logical sense out of metaphysics. I was in an unhealthy relationship giving much of my power away, and Ariana suggested going through a Life Activation and embarking upon the Empower Thyself course. I flew from Washington DC to Boston to her beautiful center. The Life Activation re-aligned me with my truth, the relationship that wasn't serving me ended, and I became gradually more aware of my vocation and life purpose. Her passion and in-depth knowledge made the Empower Thyself Initiation fun and enlightening. I left with tools that help me stay centered, intuitively guided, and firmly walk a path of authenticity. I wish everyone would be activated and initiated, the world would be a much more loving place. Silvia - Technology Sales Executive

I feel like having both the Celestial Code and Etheric Reconstruction while I’m studying Universal Kabbalah has been the biggest gift I could have ever received to put things in high gear for transformation. The Etheric Reconstruction has been beyond words amazing! And when I say amazing - it’s not a joy ride. It’s more like a map has unfolded within me and it’s at the forefront of where I’m going everyday. It’s been a journey! And I’m starting to feel like I can move through the process of self forgiveness, revealing who I am, which is more beautiful than the person I’d become. Like literally letting go of the burden I’ve carried because all is forgiven and free to move forward in a way that serves me as the magical being I am...I’m feeling like I’m moving into a state of redemption - which is very different for me and different from my cycle of self forgiveness. For the first time in my life, I’m feeling empowered, free spirited and worthy of love. Denise - Yoga Teacher

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I’ve been meaning to text - my contractions stopped, my blood pressure is down, and my anxiety left after the Galactic Healing. And the baby settled into a good spot. Thank you so much! Also, my desperate need for coffee went away. I used to drink it to steady my heart and anxiety, definitely the most unhealthy quick fix. But haven’t needed it since! Christina - Pregnant Mom (6 months pregnant with early contractions from stress and anxiety)

When I met Ariana I was working in Biotech and deeply skeptical that Life Activation could help me in the ways that I needed. At the same time, something within me believed that it was possible to heal the emotional pain, stress, and depression I was experiencing. I am so grateful that I trusted my own intuition and sought help! Not only did I open myself up to a whole new world of joy, possibility, and purpose by receiving the Life Activation and Empower Thyself Initiation, but since then I've been able to shift my life into a whole new state - one I always knew was possible but I didn't know how to find. Julie - Healer and Life Coach

Ariana!!!!!! The change in my husband is literally a miracle, I can’t even believe this is real life. In the few days since his Etheric Reconstruction healing on Friday, we’ve made an entire plan to finish our basement, kitchen and floor our entire house, like full estimate done, contractors booked, materials picked and my husband was present and critical problem solving the WHOLE time. He has called all the clients he’s been procrastinating dealing with, we went on an actual spontaneous family outing, he stopped all his behavioral tics and physical movements. He’s actually present! I woke up Saturday morning having a deep visceral reaction to being ridiculously romantically attracted to him. He’s a real human being, who navigates and lives life!!!!!!! He’s parenting too, like actually productively parenting. My debilitating anxiety over our life is GONE, like we’re gonna succeed, and make it, and it’s all going to work!!! What’s interesting is he doesn’t notice, he thinks he was always doing things this way. Aaaah thank you so much! Christina - Herbalist

Life Activation and Initiation put into motion a process of self-realization that I never could have foreseen. My body and mind throbbed with a new energy and intuition. I became aware of behavioral patterns that no longer served me. I saw clearly the growing opportunities in my life, and I felt empowered to rise up and meet the new challenges with which I was presented. I am grateful for Ariana's wisdom and guidance during this transformational and liberating experience - thank you! Nathan - Mindfulness Teacher

The Isis Emotional Rebirth Healing was the help I was looking for; I still do not understand how it could help me in such subtle and deep ways at the same time. After the session my heart felt so peaceful, light and expanded. I have the habit to rationalize my emotions so I can understand them and fix whatever I am doing wrong, but that didn’t help with the fear I was attached to from a past experience which I thought I was totally over. The morning before the healing session I felt my heart was literally growing in my chest. After the session I found that I could reconcile the emotions of that past experience in my heart and not just in my mind. Now, I acknowledge my past experience in a totally different way and my heart feels much calmer and open. Something shifted in a very positive way inside of me and my mind is giving more space to my heart in my life. Karen - Neurobiologist


When I scheduled the Life Activation, I was struggling with Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s disease, and depression. Without know exactly what the Life Activation was going to do for me, I was astonished by the outcome. Ariana was very professional and made me feel comfortable. When I woke up the next day, half of my Lyme symptoms were gone. I was flooded with high vibrational energy - the night terrors and depression that I had struggled with for most of my life were gone. I went on to receive the Isis Emotional Healing and Empower Thyself Initiation and began to notice my relationships with others becoming more authentic and I started acquiring more abundance. The fruition of my dreams presented themselves rapidly and I feel as though I've healed trauma that I thought would take decades. I'm now diving deeper into the see of my soul to bring forth more joy and peace in others. I truly cannot image the life I'd be leading now if it weren't for this incredible ancient healing work. Eternal gratitude to the beautiful Ariana for her dedication, wisdom, and pure guidance. Mary - Sales

Life Activation and Initiation connected me with supportive structures that I could harness for focus, clarity of purpose, and a wellspring of JOY! With these activations, I have the building blocks, support, and aligned structures to take each step towards fulfillment of my own and the collect purpose, a deeply satisfying journey. If joy, clarity, and focus of purpose call you, Ariana embodies this and reflects it in her life. To be clear - the work is yours to do, AND Initiation and Life Activation will catalyze and cohere your inner resources, stimulate your creative access, and support every step you take. Julianna - Healer

Meeting Ariana and doing the Empower Thyself Initiation changed the course of my life. Upon our first meeting, she created such an open, loving, wise, and knowledgeable environment that inspired me to see another spiritual life path that has benefited me greatly. She supports me in every way I imagined a guide and healer to. Her story is inspiring and her way is genuine, honest, intelligent, and loving. I am so grateful to have her in my life. Joye - Community Herbalist

I first found Ariana through her Ensofic Reiki group healings, where I had a profoundly healing out-of-body experience. I knew that I needed to go back. From there came both the Life Activation and Empower Thyself Initiation. It has been 9 months since then. The tools that were handed down through Empower Thyself have helped me feel more balanced and capable of overcoming obstacles in life. I am more self-aware, which has helped me release old negative thought patterns that held me back from becoming my best self. I highly recommend both the Life Activation and Empower Thyself Initiation, especially if you are ready to evolve and step into your power. I am so happy that I came across this healing center and met Ariana. She is professional, kind, and a blessing to be around. Carolyn - Artist and Healer

The Soul Retrieval healing was a truly life changing experience. Since my childhood I have felt as though an aspect of myself was missing. A part of myself that allowed me to feel love and connection. Trying to live life with out this part of myself was really hard. Being a husband and a father was nearly impossible. The Soul Retrieval allowed the parts of me that trauma had chased away to come back. The other day my 3 year old son looked me in the eyes for the first time and we shared a loving connection. Life doesn’t feel impossible anymore. In fact a lot of times it feels beautiful. Allan - Landscaper

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Life Purpose Reading. I expected to hear a few minor things about my future. Instead I was blown away by what Ariana told me. She was able to read and tell me what was going on for me at this present moment in time, and could see my paths ahead, which she told me about. She validated my chosen career path and spiritual path, which left me weeping with tears of joy with what appeared to her and what was shown. I am so thankful to have had Ariana as my reader. She was sensitive to the information being shown, and her presentation to me was with love, care, and concern. I would pay 10 times the cost of this reading. Linda - Real Estate Broker

I have much more clarity on how to engage with people on a professional and personal level, as well as how to articulate my life goals. The work I’ve done has resulted in a more energized and cohesive version of me on a consistent basis. I’m so grateful for the tools. Logan - Impact Investment Professional

Over the summer of 2016 I received the Ensofic Ray three series from Ariana. I first began working with her in 2014 after a series of staggering personal losses led me to her meditation classes; and her calm, peaceful presence, and care with which she listened provided a port in the proverbial storm. Since then, in addition to meditation, I have received Isis Healing, Life Activation, and Empower Thyself Initiation with her. While all of these had immediate and profound positive impacts, I emerged from Ensofic Ray with a heightened awareness and understanding of my energy, increased patience for and confidence in myself, and more clarity about the obstacles - and opportunities - in my life. It was as though a heavy veil had been lifted, and I instantly felt less friction as I moved through the world. This is not to say that everything has suddenly fallen into place (although many things have!), that I do not still experience challenges, or that I am not at times overwhelmed. But I am moving on a different plane than I was before, one that exists above despair, feels deeply aligned with the universe, and carries me forward, always. I truly feel empowered by the tools I have gained from working with Ariana. While she is always there for me, often uncannily reaching out just when I need her insight, I have become my own port for a storm that never quite makes landfall; even as it approaches, I am able to draw strength from it and marvel at its beauty. Bethany - Social Justice Advocate and Writer

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