Isis Emotional Healing

Are you looking for a gentle way to move on from people, events, and trauma from the past? The Emotional Healing works with the Divine Feminine to gather together all of the bandwidth that gets scattered across friends, lovers, and colleagues and helps you to be clear on how you feel in order to find the right path forward. This will birth a new way of experiencing and expressing your emotions - clearing the way to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression and focus on what matters. After the healing, it will become easier for you to move past the drama and negativity that we often associate with emotions to a clearer state of experiencing your emotions as messages from your soul that help you accelerate your learning process.

Investment: $250
Session Length: 90 minutes
Life Activation 

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The Isis Emotional Rebirth Healing was the help I was looking for; I still do not understand how it could help me in such subtle and deep ways at the same time. After the session my heart felt so peaceful, light and expanded. I have the habit to rationalize my emotions so I can understand them and fix whatever I am doing wrong, but that didn’t help with the fear I was attached to from a past experience which I thought I was totally over. The morning before the healing session I felt my heart was literally growing in my chest. After the session I found that I could reconcile the emotions of that past experience in my heart and not just in my mind. Now, I acknowledge my past experience in a totally different way and my heart feels much calmer and open. Something shifted in a very positive way inside of me and my mind is giving more space to my heart in my life. Karen - Neurobiologist