Ensofic Ray Healing Modality

Feeling stressed, distracted, and exhausted? Want to try something different to relax and declutter your mind?

Ensofic Reiki Group Healing gives you the chance to choose between taking a nap on cushions and blankets or sit and meditate while I flow Reiki to the entire group. Wondering if this actually works? YES! Come experience it for yourself - first time is free!

What is Ensofic Reiki?

The Ensofic Ray is the original energy in the universe. It transforms and opens everything it touches to help you remember who you are, see your life and challenges from a higher perspective, and transmute blocked energetic patterns - so that you can create a life of beauty and good.

Ensofic Ray Healing works with Ensofic Reiki and fundamental energies of the universe to shift physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns in alignment with their highest potential and give you the opportunity to live with ease and make new choices on all levels. 

  • Deep relaxation

  • Process and flow your emotions in balance

  • Clear your mind

  • Cultivate freedom and connection with the universe

I offer the Ensofic Ray in two forms:

Ensofic Reiki Group Healing: For people who want to get a taste of the power of the Ensofic Reiki, move stagnant energy in their lives, work on relaxation, I offer a 60-minute group healing for $20 ($15 with a Facebook check in @ Modern Mystery School Boston) Friday evenings at Modern Mystery School Boston. First class at our center is free!

Ensofic Ray Private Healing Package: For people who want to completely reset their system and create the conditions for deep healing and transformation in all aspects of their being, I offer three 90-minute private sessions for $600. Send me a note below and we can discuss the best approach for you.

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Over the summer of 2016 I received the Ensofic Ray three series from Ariana. I first began working with her in 2014 after a series of staggering personal losses led me to her meditation classes; and her calm, peaceful presence, and care with which she listened provided a port in the proverbial storm. Since then, in addition to meditation, I have received Isis Healing, Life Activation, and Empower Thyself Initiation with her. While all of these had immediate and profound positive impacts, I emerged from Ensofic Ray with a heightened awareness and understanding of my energy, increased patience for and confidence in myself, and more clarity about the obstacles - and opportunities - in my life. It was as though a heavy veil had been lifted, and I instantly felt less friction as I moved through the world. This is not to say that everything has suddenly fallen into place (although many things have!), that I do not still experience challenges, or that I am not at times overwhelmed. But I am moving on a different plane than I was before, one that exists above despair, feels deeply aligned with the universe, and carries me forward, always. I truly feel empowered by the tools I have gained from working with Ariana. While she is always there for me, often uncannily reaching out just when I need her insight, I have become my own port for a storm that never quite makes landfall; even as it approaches, I am able to draw strength from it and marvel at its beauty. Bethany - Social Justice Advocate and Writer