Full Spirit Activation

Are you ready to gain access to an inner compass and GPS system that can help you step out old ways of being and more consistently make choices aligned with a higher vision of your potential and purpose?

How many of your daily decisions are governed by subconscious patterns that have been shaped by years of stress, overwork, or adverse events during childhood?

Many people’s lives are governed by processes that we tend to not be aware of including emotional instability, stress, trauma, and chronic illness and inflammation, yet most people are only consciously aware of the work happening in limited higher levels of the brain associated with the neocortex and rational thought. 

Full Spirit Activation is like an inner GPS system that helps you to see choices where your subconscious patterns previously had control. It awakens and rewires your “old” (reptilian) and limbic brains so that you can consciously live from your spirit and soul - where you already have all of the answers you need to transform yourself. When you are in touch with your soul and spirit, they will help guide you to a higher vision of your potential and purpose.

This session will:

  • Expand the realm of choices that you perceive in life

  • Allow spirit to interface more directly with your physical body and daily life so that you can create peace and prosperity

  • Support more conscious transformation of stress, negative patterns, and disease

  • Open a deeper sense and possibility of service

Investment: $250
Session Length: 90 minutes
Prerequisites: The Full Spirit Activation builds on the foundation of the Life Activation