Spiritual Intuition

Do you want to be able to sense and feel energy?

Are you looking for deeper intuitive guidance when you make decisions?

Are you empathic but easily overwhelmed by other people's emotions and want to create healthy energetic boundaries?

Harnessing your intuition is both an art and a science - and it is trainable! We use our intuition all the time, but stepping into greater levels of empowerment requires doing it consciously.

70% of executive decisions are made based on gut feeling and later backed up with data. Strong and clear intuition, or what some call a "sixth sense", is a key to success across every field. It can seem like this is a natural gift that is based on the luck of the draw, though, and many people struggle to get clear on what they are feeling and how to move forward. 

In this introductory workshop, you will learn daily exercises to practice at home so you can:

  • Strengthen your spiritual senses

  • Use your perception beyond daily rational thought, and

  • Experience shifting and tailoring your brainwave states to the task at hand

Investment: $25 or free if this is your first visit to Modern Mystery School Boston!
Prerequisites: None

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